Coded Mortiquaria

Those who plan to visit the ancient St Nicholas Ground in the month of September may wonder at the odd motifs which adorn divers monuments and inscripted pieces.

It is not unknown for strange symbols to appear in this place of the dead; but equally not common.

Calling themselves ‘QR Codes’ , these icons give Quick Response to enquiries made of the Internet; alike to the advantage of a Hackney Carriage over a Stagecoach, they will take the seeker more swiftly and directly to their destination.

On encountering a ribboned code within the ancient ground, the visitor is invited to scan the code image using their smartphone . Providing said device is enabled with a code reading ‘app’ they will be taken as fast as their device allows to pages on this site dedicated to the remembered individual, monumental piece or other featured intelligence.

It is hoped that this novel and most modern tool for examining our funerary heritage will be of use to some, and – if warranted – this approach will be extended and further developed.

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3 Responses to Coded Mortiquaria

  1. Darren Ferris says:

    What a brilliant idea. Hats off to you! I walk my dogs around the rest garden & the grounds of St Nicholas every day. Whilst I love being around these grounds I actually knew nothing about them. I knew immediately what the ribbonned codes were when i saw them so have spent the afternoon scanning them. I feel so privileged to know some of the history behind these grounds & Brighton in general. Fascinating! More of this please!

  2. Sue Korman says:

    This is a really fantastic idea, congratulations on an engaging and innovative project!
    Will it be a permenant feature?
    Sue Korman

    Unique to Brighton

  3. mortiquarian says:

    Thank you Darren and Sue for your kind words and encouragements. The Smartphone Trail has been recieved more enthusiastically than expected and will continue to feature at the site as research uncovers new stories and histories. Do visit again. Mtq

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