Ghosts of the stones: if not the bones

Of course, when the monuments – the box tombs, the chest tombs, the headstones, the foot stones, the obelisks, the table tombs, the grave rails, the kerbs and other stonework items of memorial – were cleared, the workers only scratched the surface. Some hints of what may be found beneath are recorded here.

For other clues, visit the ground after the first rain falls upon a summer drought. The lawn embraces new life and new growth, greening overnight. Except where it conceals burial. Here the shadow ghost of the uprooted tomb and the marker of what lies beneath will be shown; parched, oblong and evident through contrast with the freshened green. These pictures from the Rest Garden, taken at a recent summertime dry spell and (curiously) delivered by their maker upon the stoke of midnight, illustrate this phenomena.

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