Funerary Violin and the Forgotten Vault

“It is only by staring Death in the face that you can truly say you have known Life; it is only by losing that which you hold most dear that you can truly say you have known Love; such is the Art of the Funerary Violinist.”

“From its origins in the Elizabethan Protestant Reformation, to its final extinction amidst the guns of the First World War, the art of Funerary Violin was characterized by many unique and frequently misunderstood qualities that set it apart from all other forms of music. Despite its enormous influence on classical music generally and on the Romantic Movement in particular, this music has almost entirely vanished. In a series of ‘funerary purges’, the art of funerary violin was condemned as ‘the music of the devil’ and the Guild of Funerary Violinists driven into silence or clandestine activity. This is the music that, despite all attempts at suppression, has haunted Europe’s collective unconscious for more than a  century.”  (Rohan Kriwaczek)        

We keenly anticipate a unique solo recital by  Rohan Kriwaczek ; Acting President of the Guild of Funerary Violinists, who will be playing in the Rest Garden on Sunday September 12th from 4pm. The performance will take place from within an untenanted burial vault designed by Regency architect Amon H Wilds.

Visitors on the day will also be welcome to inspect other monuments featured in the St Nicholas Gardens Heritage Trail from 2pm.

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