The Bound Man

Location: St Nicolas Rest Garden.  Lowered box tomb with all inscripted text illegible. Likely date 1841 – 1854

The tomb is decorated with four heraldic shields – motto unreadable. Each shield rests on the carved figure of a man bound and in chains. We do not know who is remembered by this, or what the meaning and significance of the bound man may be.

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8 Responses to The Bound Man

  1. Tom Sargant says:

    The chained man is apparently the ‘honourable supporter’ of the Robertsons of Struan, awarded in the 17th century when a family member captured an anti-monarchist.

    • mortiquarian says:

      Tom – do you have any more on this – links/background etc… The inscription stone remembering Frances Robertson of Tain is nearby – might they be connected? Any info gratefully recieved

  2. Tom Sargant says:

    Hello Mortiquarian. I was intrigued enough by your excellent site to do some googling – try “chained man” and Robertson of Struan. Apart from some rather specialised websites which might bring you some strange traffic, there are a few heraldic sites which show the three foxes’ [?] heads on the left of the shield and the detail of the bound man, which commemorates the capture of one of the assassins of King James the First of Scotland in the 15th century, not 17th as I said. The Robertsons are reputed to be the oldest family in Scotland. I wonder what a family member was doing so far from home? There is a clan museum near Struan which may be able to help you more.

  3. Tom Sargant says:

    There was a good low raking Brighton sun t’other day, and I was able to see that the inscription on the scrolls on the tomb reads VIRTUTIS GLORIA MERCES, the Robertson clan motto. This with the dexter hand upholding the crown, and the three wolves’ [not foxes] heads must nail it as a Robertson of Struan tomb. Here is the webpage of the clan chief:

  4. wendy mortimer says:

    my great great grandfather hugh hamilton mortimer and his wife charlotte and 2 daughters emma and ellen are buried in the rest gardens, the tomb remains, there are 2 tombs together and the one that is at an angle i believe is theirs.have yet to prove this though..the stone cross memorial in the churchyard has ghosts at its base,can anyone else see what i see.?

  5. wendy mortimer says:

    i can see a number 5 on the tomb ,would this be part of the tomb number or what?

    • mortiquarian says:

      Hello Wendy. Since obtaining the original site plans for the rest garden I can now identify the Hugh Hamilton Mortimer monument. If you are still seeking this information let me know

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